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Laboratory Multipurpose Pack for Unity3D

Create immersive laboratory & scientific environment easily with this versatile and customizable pack for both HDRP and URP.

Once you purchase on version the other one is offered free as a lite upgrade.

The pack contains over 100 well optimized meshes and over 180 unique prefabs with several variations, so that you can quickly build your own scenes.

- Over 100 well optimized meshes and over 180 unique prefabs with several variations, so that you can quickly build your own scenes - see the overview screenshots for a list of assets.

- Average triangle count is ~250, making this pack suited for all platforms.

- Support for both HDRP & URP: each version has its own prefabs, materials and demo & overview scenes.

- Custom shader included that allow customizing the props details color so that you can make it your own.

- Included there is also material variations using standard HDRP and UPR shaders.

- Modular walls, windows & pipe system allow building complex rooms with ease.

- Custom collisions have been created for the complex shapes.

- VFX that are easy to change and personalize are also included.

- The materials are built using the metallic workflow with Albedo, Normal, Mask & Emissive textures (+ the Customization texture where applicable).

- The vast majority of textures are 4096x4096 and in many cases they have several assets packed into one.

- The decals are currently available only for the HDRP version. This pack includes the LightFlickerEffect.cs script for creating flickering lights, created by Steve Streeting unde the CC0 Public Domain license:

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Fantastic Skies Pack

Impress your audience with 60 fantastic skyboxes at different times of day in 8k HDR format that you can customize.

Fantastic Skies pack contains 60 customizable HDR 8k skyboxes at different times of day that will awe the player and make your game stand out.

- 60 unique skyboxes at different times of day
- Precise adjustments based on RGB Masks

From dramatic sunrises to realistic fluffy white clouds, impressive sunsets on alien worlds and anything in between, these skies cover a wide range of universes and styles.

The pack allows you to customize the colors of the sky boxes per layer so that you can create the exact match for your world.

See an overview of all the skies here.

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The Colorful City Pack

Create beautiful city environments fit for any platform.

The Colorful City Pack is a versatile collection of high quality assets fit for every platform. It has support for day and night cycle and it is built to look great both in lit and unlit scenes.

The Colorful City Pack includes the following:

• 102 Meshes
Buildings, vehicles, vegetation, modular assets for streets and sidewalks and outdoor decoration.

• 21 Materials and Material Instances

• 5 Textures
Only one gradient based texture used for all the assets except for the effects.

• 7 Efffects
Chimney Smoke Radial, Chimney Smoke Tall, Fireflies, Water Spray, Butterflies x 3

• 9 Materials & 62 Material Instances

• 3 Blueprints
Day and Night Sky, Light with day and night support, Editor Text

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The Explosions Mega Pack

Powered by SideFX Houdini 3D - the industry standard for visual effects - and built exclusively for Unreal Engine 4, the Explosions Mega Pack represents the ultimate toolkit for creating stunning pyrotechnic effects inside UE.

It is ready to use, easy to customize and has everything you need to make you own unique explosions, including 48 complex Particle Systems and 354 Particle Emitters to be used as building blocks.

One of the greatest challenges in VFX is to create effects that work well in different lighting scenarios, so we added the ability to change the time of day in our Showcase Map - go from day to night and in between to see how each effect looks. You can even slowdown the time and watch the explosions slowly grow.

Created from terabits of data, this asset pack is the result of many months of work and hundreds of hours of simulations and we hope you will enjoy using it just as much as we enjoyed working on it.

The Explosions Mega Pack includes the following:

• 48 Unique Particle Systems
Built using multiple emitters, these are ready to use pyrotechnic effects representing everything from small bangs to earth shattering explosions. Each Particle Effect has 3 LOD's setup.

• 350+ Unique Particle Emitters
These are the building blocks for creating complex explosions and include sparks, embers, fireballs, smoke, etc

• 3 Super Massive Explosions
Setup with the UE4 Sequencer, these sequences combine multiple Particle Emitters and Particle Systems to create complex massive multi-detonation explosions.

• 57 Textures
42 unique texture sheets + 15 regular textures. The texture sheets go from 1k to 4k depending on the size of the effect.

• 9 Materials & 62 Material Instances

• 21 Meshes
Concrete, wood, metal and paper debris.

• 9 Blueprints
Including Sky System with the ability the change the time of day and slowdown time, Grenade that can detect if an explosion happened in the air or on a surface and spawn the appropriate effect, Pyro Grenade that spawn fire effects on props that are at a certain distance and more.

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The Advanced Village Pack

Create great looking environments fast and easy.
The Advanced Village Pack has been chosen by Unreal Engine to be part of the free content collection.

At a glance, the Advanced Village Pack includes the following:

• Over 140 assets: High Quality Static Meshes, Blueprints, Effects and Materials.

• The more complex actors like the houses and the trees have Blueprints counterparts that allow for a fast and smooth customization.

• Advanced materials that can represent a wide range of surfaces, from wood and metal to foliage, fire, smoke and water.

• 4096×4096 tightly packed textures with Diffuse, Roughness, Metallic, Opacity and NormalMap information.

• Selected actors support Day and Night Cycle. For example the houses and street lamps lit up during night-time.

• Example of a basic Day and Night system that can be further expanded for your specific project.

• Clean and well commented Blueprints and materials, making it easy to modify if necessary.

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